Wake up and smell the … koffie verkeerd! We’re thrilled to finally be introducing brunch at Borrel. If you’re in town for the May long weekend, please join us for the soft launch of our new menu! We’ll be opening at 10 a.m. and serving till 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Holland isn’t necessarily known for a brunch culture. Yet some of Justin’s fondest food memories are of summer mornings enjoying open-faced sandwiches and ontbijtkoek for breakfast at his oma’s cottage in Breukelen. We’ve always thought it would be fun to open early and offer some of those traditional eats and also take some inspiration to fuse Dutch dishes with the beloved North American bacon-and-egg-based breakfasts.

We’ll be offering some common Dutch morning fare such as house-made ontbijtkoek (spiced breakfast cake), beschuit (rusk biscuits with chocolate sprinkles) and saucijzenbroodje (sausage roll). And we’re very excited to offer pannenkoeken (Dutch pancakes) as part of our morning menu.

Alongside these classics are some Dutch-inspired brunch inventions of our own. We’ve taken two Dutch stamppot dishes and transformed them into morning meals. Boerenkool (mashed potato and stewed kale) gets fried with three eggs to make our Farmer’s Frittata, and Zuurkool (mashed potato with sauerkraut) gets fried up with our house-made corned beef and topped with a poached egg for our Zuurkool Hash. Frikandel meat gets reshaped into a patty on a house-made English muffin with cheese and egg for our Egg Frikmuffin. And our Kipcorn Burger gets sandwiched between two house-made waffles for Kipcorn ‘n’ Waffles.

Hope you can join us soon!