After more than three years of serving traditional Dutch snacks and comfort food as a pop-up restaurant, we are delighted to finally be giving Borrel a fixed address in Toronto’s east end.

The Dutch word borrel is used to describe an informal gathering, typically coming together to enjoy drinks, some food and good company. Our bar and restaurant started exactly this way almost 10 years ago — as a casual annual get-together where we cooked Dutch food for our friends in our home. Over the years we continued to learn and add new dishes to our repertoire, each being met with growing enthusiasm — so much so that we thought, “If our friends like this food, maybe the rest of Toronto will, too.”

In February 2014, we decided to find out by starting a weekly pop-up restaurant at The Ossington bar. From there, we went on to do events in the city at venues including The Depanneur, Hitch, HiLo, Orchard and Handlebar. From epic parties celebrating Holland’s holidays and their national soccer team’s games to cozy and relaxed Sunday afternoon affairs that embody the Dutch ethos of gezellig atmosphere, we were amazed and humbled by the growing turnouts to our events over the years. It was time to give our pop-up, Borrel, a permanent home.

We are thrilled to present our brick-and-mortar version of Borrel in Toronto and hope to see you soon!